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  • What is contained in one of your kits?
    Each kit contains a detailed and illustrated instruction booklet, the pre-printed fabric/s, needles and all the threads, beads and sequins to complete the embroidery design. Suggestions are made for mounting/finishing the embroidered panel, but materials for this are not supplied.
  • How will I know if I have the skill to work one of your kits?
    The ability level and experience necessary to stitch a kit will be stated in the details for each design.
  • What if I have any other questions or issues?
    You can email me directly at and I will endeavour to help you with any queries or requirements.
  • Where can I find further information about embroidery stitches and techniques?
    In addition to the instructions in my kit booklets, the Royal School of Needlework has a Stitch Bank on their website. This is an excellent resource for finding how to work a particular stitch, with the aid of clear instructions, images and diagrams.
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